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Board of Management

In accordance with  'The Rules for National Schools', 'The Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedures' and various circulars issued from the Department of Education, the Board of Management has direct responsibility for the government of the school.

As is the case with all diocesan schools, our Board of Management is comprised of two nominees of the Patron, two elected parents, the School Principal, one elected member of the teaching staff and two extra members proposed by the above nominees.

The term of office for the Board is four years and this current Board was elected in the autumn of 2019.
Our Board of Management currently consists of the following members:


  • Chairperson- Bernie Kelleher

  • Patron's Nominee-Fr. Michael Sheedy

  • Parish Representative- Pat Culligan

  • Parish Representative- Marie Callinan  

  • Parents Representative- Frances Hassett

  • Parents Representative-Noel Meehan 

  • Principal and Secretary-Mrs Helen Kelly

  • Staff Representative-Ms. Niamh Kelly

June 2020 End of Year Report:

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