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Re-opening September 2021

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  1. Isolation quick guide for parents and guardians of children older than 3 months and up to 13 years of age

  2. DE-FAQs on mask wearing: 06-12-2021.pdf

  3. Guidance on the use of face coverings in Primary schools 30-11-21

  4. CMO Letter to Schools

  5. Dept of Education letter to Parents re Antigen Testing 25.11.2021

  6. FAQs for changes to contact tracing for children 23.9.21

  7. School Re-opening Plan 2021 - Click Here

  8. Version 4 of the COVID 19 Response Plan as School Policy - Click Here

  9. Reviewed Policy: Covid -19 Policy Statement

  10. Department of Education:

  11. HSE Website:

  12. Quick Isolation Guide: Isolation quick guide for parents and guardians of children older than 3 months and up to 13 years of age - Sept 2021

  13. Back to School Information:

  14. Symptoms:

  15. Ventilation Guidelines: Updated Ventilation Guidelines

Re-opening March 2021

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See below for further information on COVID-19 


Inspectors Visit 5th November

On the 5th of November our Department Inspector visited our school to advise on the implementation of the guidelines issued by the Department of Education. This visit provided assurance to the public that our school is a safe working and learning
environment for all while keeping inline with the Departments commitments under Circular 40/2020 (P) and
41/2020 (PP). 

The visit was a very positive experience for all and we are glad to say that the school has taken all the necessary steps to provide a safe working and learning environment for us all.

Click below for Report.

Inspectors Report on Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling

Re-opening our school September 2020

The Minister for Education published “The Roadmap for the Full Return to School” on the 27th July. It sets out what the operation of schools will look like and the range of supports which will be available in a COVID-19 context. See below for more information.

Letter to parents of 3rd August 2020

Letter to parents of 12th August 2020



Minister Foley has written to all parents on the publication of the Roadmap for re-opening schools.

Minister Foley's  letter to parents



Covid - 19 Information


Dear Parents,

We have set up this page to help your children while the school is closed. 

Our aim is to give a few ideas/suggestions that may make things easier on your child/children to help give them some structure and routine during the school closure. I know from personal experience how hard it is to keep children occupied at the moment now that school and afterschool activities have been cancelled!!!

Please Note that your child is not obliged to cover all this material. We certainly do not wish to put any pressure on any child to complete this work. These are simply suggestions to help and can be altered to suit your family. We all know that families are very busy minding children, grandparents and getting used to these abrupt and uncertain times we are in. So please don't put you or you child under any unnecessary stress to complete all academic work. Puzzles, lego, art activities, building forts, baking getting outside and sports are also excellent ways of getting through this tough time.

Top Tip!!

We know how hard it is to print sheets for your child/children so a copy might come in handy

1st - 6th - A copy for writing activities - Remember how we rule it correctly

1st - 6th - A copy for maths activities - remember how we rule it correctly

If you don't have a printer - maybe ask your older children draw up a schedule...

Upload images of your childrens work on the facebook page. Unfortunately your children cannot see their friends at the moment but this might be a nice way that they can share their creations with each other. We would also love to see any puzzles, art work or project work that your children are doing while school is closed..


All in Burrane N.S. 

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Useful Websites

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  2. pass - Covid-19

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