Our Mini Business

This year the children of Burrane N.S. have decided to take on an incredibly exciting and rewarding programme which provides students the opportunity to set up their own student enterprises and run it exactly like a business

The children from each class have made a variety of gifts that they are selling at our School Christmas sale. We brainstormed various things that we could sell and came up with four different products. Our aim is to make as much money as possible for Books in our School. The pricing strategy of our Products took into account the price of Raw Materials, Labor costs and quailty of our Products. All our Products are 100% hand made and most importantly made with love xx

We hope you like what we made.

Below are details of our products.

  • Framed Art Piece

  • Christmas Candles

  • Christmas Wreaths

  • Scarves

Burrane N.S.

Phone: 065 9053144

Email: burranens.ias@gmail.com  Website: www.burranens.com

Principal: Helen Kelly  Chairperson: Bernie Kelleher 

 Roll No. 13738E

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